How To Wear Motorcycle Boots And Rock It In Style


With their sleek and durable design, motorcycle boots have kept feet safe from the wear and tears of the road. They have different types and models, making them fashionable as well as comfortable.

Unfortunately, some people find difficulty wearing these beautiful boots. So today, we will show you how to wear the best motorcycle boots. Remember, the goal is not only to have some gear around your feet but also rock it in style so you can look gorgeous even as you ride your bike.

What Are Motorcycle Boots:

Similar to Jodhpur boots, motorcycle boots, or “moto boots” for short, are made to protect riders. They were invented in 1860 as footwear for the U.S. cavalry but slowly made their way to the hearts and feet of motorcycle riders. Now, motorcycle boots are worn by riders and non-riders alike for the sake of convenience and fashion.

Motorcycle boots have three distinguishing characteristics. They are made from beautiful, hard-wearing leather, built with shin-to-knee height shafts, and have buckles at the ankles. These boots come in dark colors like black and brown, but recent shoemakers have released more boots of different colors!

When Can You Wear Motorcycle Boots:

Only motorcycle riders can wear these types of boots all-year round. If you are a non-rider and just looking to get into the latest fashion trend, then here are some ground rules for you.

These boots are a casual type of boot. They can only be worn with casual clothes like jeans and leather riding pants. It is highly recommended to wear them for informal and relaxed events, although it’s up to you when you want to wear them.

Some events when you can show up with motorcycle boots:

  • Brunch with friends
  • BBQ with the whole family
  • Date Night (if you are brave enough)

Even though they are built for the casual goers, you can’t always wear motorcycle boots for every casual Monday. Spring and summer are seasons when your feet will want open shoes like sandals and flip-flops. In the autumn and winter times, however, you are free to rock your style with motorcycle boots.

Fashion gurus recommend wearing the boots of the brown, black, or tan suede color in the autumn season. In the winter season, darker and bolder colors are suggested, like black and dark chocolate brown.

So, How Do You Wear Them?

You can rock this beautiful pair of boots with two different wearing styles: the masculine type or the feminine type. The masculine form is primarily characterized by straight-leg jeans and a simple T-shirt with your boots.

Meanwhile, the feminine form demands a pair of skinny jeans, printed leggings, and a lovely blouse for your boots.

Here are some looks that you can try for the masculine and feminine types!

The Masculine Type:
  • Pair your motorcycle boots with straight leg jeans and a graphic t-shirt or hoodie. Wear a leather jacket for the classic biker look!
  • For a semi-formal look, dress up with black trousers, button-up, and motorcycle boots. You can try a patterned vest for the maximum effect.
  • Fold the ends of your jeans to show off your boots! Roll the bottom of your jeans for about 2 inches, and pair it with a classy raglan tee.
The Feminine Type:
  • For everyday, casual look, tuck your skinny jeans inside your motorcycle boots. Pair it with a pretty blouse or a graphic t-shirt.
  • Show off your boots with capri pants and make sure that the ends of your pants end precisely where your shoes begin. Complete this look with an off-shoulder or tank-top.
  • Contrast your masculine motorcycle boots with a feminine dress! You can also pair your boots with a sexy mini skirt and smooth leggings.



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